40 plus doesn’t mean senior when it comes to dating when you're a man

Published: 09th March 2011
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40 pus is becoming a popular and miss used expression when it comes to dating the UK, The last couple of years has seen a flood of dating websites that are aimed at the 40 plus dater. And these websites are starting to see 40 as a cut off age where you really should be looking at joining the 'mature' crowd, So what are they saying that over 40 and we're all the same, has a 45 year old man still 20 years short of retirement got the same out look on life as a 65 year old just beginning his retirement? Will a 40 year old man be looking for the same things in a date as a 65 year old, of course not, so why group them together on a dating site, and far more importantly if you are a 40 plus man why on earth would you want to join a 40 plus dating site?

You are likely to join first because of the marketing aimed at you by the websites themselves, most normal age band sites use a great deal of images of very young couples, bright colours and graphics aimed at the young. And so you are likely to feel intimidated, so you keep searching for a more suitable site, a site where you think you'll feel more at home, and end up at the 40 plus sites. You join and what do you find, you find that the majority of members are well into their 50's and above, and after a short uneventful search through the membership begin to feel the whole internet dating thing really isn't for you after all. Well if this is you you'd be wrong, Internet dating isn't wrong, you're just in the wrong place!

As a 40 plus year old man you really should be looking at the more main stream general dating sites, rather than the emerging mature and senior sites, general sites that caters for all ages. The first reason is the fact that some of the most successful relationships occur when there is a healthy age gap, for 100's of years it has been common to see a 5 to 10 year gap between a couple, so straight away as a 40 plus male your looking at a 30 plus female. Next as a male over 40 you’re all ready in that middle age limbo, where you know your no spring chicken, but don't need, or want, to be reminded of it daily. 40 plus you might be, but you know you still have plenty of good years ahead of you, the last thing you want is to have your ego further dented by trolling through 100's of pictures of women 20 years your senior!

Dating the UK way has become a mix between general dating sites and 40 plus because of the way in which dating companies have tried to expand their business in a changing world, they have seen the rise in single people over 40 and are trying to build niche sites to attract this sector of the market. And all of this has been done with little or no regard to the needs of the dater. You as a 40 plus year old single male really do not belong in this man made sector, you very much belong still with the crowd. Who is to say that the perfect person for you is your own age or 15 years younger, and who is even to say that you may find yourself happily starting a family in your 40's. What ever you do don't let yourself be blinkered by joining a dating site for seniors, happy dating!

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